5 Reasons Why Boomers and Seniors Should Add Dancing to Their Fitness Lifestyle/ Reason #1

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29 Mar 2013

Who doesn’t love to dance?  Even those of us with “two left feet” like to tear up the dance floor every once in a while.  However, if you dance regularly, it can not only be fun, but also great for your health.  Here’s some reasons why you shouldn’t be a wallflower:  You have an excuse to listen to all of your favorite music!  In the January, 2013 issue of Psychology Today, music has a powerful effect on exercisers.  It delays fatigue, alleviates soreness, and elevates the mood.  Keeping pace with musical rhythms when dancing is a great way to pace yourself so that you can keep enjoying yourself.  Music also motivates exercisers to return to their workouts regularly, so that keeping fit becomes a habit.  Whether you like jazz, the hits of Broadway, disco, or Motown, the positive associations you have with your favorite music can help turn you from an occasional exerciser into a frequent one.


by Christine Washburn ACSM CPT/CIFT, M. Ed.