Why Boomers and Seniors Should Add Dancing to Their Fitness Lifestyle Reason # 5

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13 May 2013


Dancing is a great way to socialize.  Early morning responsibilities might mean that you can’t get to the nightclubs as often as you might have when you were younger, but dancing is a great excuse to spend time with other people.  If you’re looking to learn some new steps, look for dance classes in local studios.  Many of them have special classes for adult students.  For example, Steps on Broadway offers an Absolute Beginner Series nine times a year, and you can learn everything you wanted to know about ballet, tap, ballroom dancing, salsa, and more.  Some gyms, like New York Sports Club and the YMCA, offer free Zumba and Silver Sneakers dance classes to AARP members.  See if your local chapter of the Knights of Columbus or Moose Lodge holds regular parties with a live band.  Or, invite your friends and family over to turn the volume up on your speakers and turn your living room into a Harlem Rent Party, and dance the night away to Cab Calloway.  Share your love of dancing, and everyone in your life will benefit, especially you!

What kind of dancing do you enjoy?


by Christine Washburn ACSM CPT/CIFT, M. Ed.