Still, Laughter is the Best Medicine

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19 May 2013

My grandmother used to tell me “laughter is the best medicine for everything.” I would shoot her my usual sideway glance and say, “but Grandma, laughing isn’t going to make my homework go away!” But as the years have passed, as has my grandmother, I am beginning to understand what she meant.
And science is also starting to believe in what my grandmother always did – the health benefits of laughter. We relieve stress with laughter, fighting our anxiety and keeping our difficulties in perspective. Recent medical studies are also scientifically exploring how laughter can affect our immune system.

Humor is Infectious

When your friend is laughing, all you want to do is laugh along with them. In fact, science has shown that simply hearing laughter primes your brain, readies you to smile and makes you want to join in the fun. Ever wonder why television sitcoms include canned laugh tracks? The sound of laughter can encourage (or induce) the audience to laugh along with the show, enhancing their enjoyment.

This article was written by Tracy Ongena, the President and Founder of Alvita Care ( Alvita Care is a geriatric care management and home care agency based in the heart of New York City. Contact Tracy for more information about homecare services and strategies in New York at