Mindful Walking for Boomers and Seniors Tip #1

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15 Jun 2013

Almost everyone knows that walking is good for their health, and is a wonderful source of cardiovascular exercise.  However, you can use your walking time to learn about your body and help it to function in a better, more comfortable way.

  • While you walk, pay attention to the sensations on the soles of your feet (high heels and shoes with stiff soles make this task very difficult).  Feel your weight shifting from your heel to the toes.  Do your toes push off the ground with each step?  Do they spread out?  Walking with mindfulness about the soles of your feet can turn an ordinary stroll into a foot massage if you really let all of the joints and muscles in your feet move!

by Christine Washburn ACSM CPT/CIFT, M. Ed.