What to do about your calcium? By Brown & Medina Nutrition

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24 Sep 2013

It seems no sooner do we hear health claims all over the media about the importance of getting enough of one vitamin/mineral or another then we’re told we may be taking too much of it only to find out that the said supplement may not be so bad after all. A case in point is the hubbub over supplemental calcium. We all heard for ages that we need enough calcium to support bone health. As a matter of course many health practitioners have been across the board recommending 1000 to1200mg of supplemental calcium to their patients.  Over the last few years, however, studies have suggested that too much supplemental calcium may increase the risk of heart disease in women.  Now, low and behold we’re hearing that supplemental calcium and vitamin D intake may extend life.

Make you crazy?! If we weren’t in this field it would probably make us crazy. As nutritionists, however, we know what an inexact science nutrition is and that there is no magic pill or substitute for a good old fashioned healthy diet. This isn’t novel or sexy but at the end of the day the whole issue with calcium is a case in point that moderation is the best policy and it’s probably a good idea to slow down and think twice before taking the latest dietary news reports as gospel.

What to do about your calcium? If you’re going to start with diet then you aim for 3 servings per day of calcium rich food, i.e. a cup of yogurt at breakfast, 1 ½ oz. of low fat cheese with whole wheat crackers for a snack and a large kale salad with lunch or dinner.

Not happening?! Then we usually recommend a maximum of 600 -700 mg of supplemental calcium citrate and the rest from diet just to keep it all in moderation.


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