What’s Melt you ask?

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2 Dec 2013

Melt is a self-treatment technique that rehydrates the connective tissue using small balls and soft foam rollers.

The connective tissue is a system in the body that is made up of collagen, which is mostly water.  Through aging, activities of daily living and stress, this fluid system in our body often becomes dehydrated.  When dehydration occurs, pain and inflammation is the result.  If left untreated over time, the nerve endings are affected and you end up with a chronic pain condition.

Many of us are in pain daily.  Inflammation and stress are the enemy.  The Melt Method is a great way to reduce inflammation and stress in the body.  The great part about Melt is that you can treat yourself!  No complicated steps or instruction and no need for medication.


The majority of my Personal Training clients are Boomers and Seniors and I have been using the Melt Method in conjunction with safe and appropriate strength training  with them and I have been seeing excellent results such as:

  • Sleeping through the night
  • Getting a much deeper sleep
  • Reduced inflammation in Hands and Feet
  • Improved balance in the body
  • Lower levels stress
  • Reduced back and neck pain
  • Increased range of motion in neck
  • In general a pain free feeling
  • Cellulite reduction in the back of the thighs


Give Melt a try.  I’m sure you will love it!

By Carla DeSimone. Certified Personal Trainer and Melt Instructor.

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