Fitness Through the Life Span #1

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5 Nov 2014

Children don’t worry about growing old, losing their strength, their executive functioning, their memory, or their ability to heal and recover. Children play. They laugh. They live in the moment. Mom and Dad worry. They want their children to have every opportunity available; for them to be safe and healthy, and always feel loved and nurtured. At some point through the passage of time, however, these roles reverse, and the children become the worriers for their aging parents’ well-being.

Choosing the proper care for an aging parent is surely a challenging process of which many factors are considered. One factor is the significant role that movement and fitness play in the potential for improved quality of life for the aging. Without movement there is no life. If breath did not flow through the body, we would not be alive. If blood did not flow through our veins our organs would not be nourished. If the spine is not kept alive with movements such as forward and backward bending, side flexions, and twisting, the fluids that provide the execution of many bodily processes would become stagnant. The experience of our humanness is housed in our bodies, our only real home, so taking care of ourselves with fitness and movement is one of the most important aspects of a Life Lived.

by   Deana Maria Bonafiglia,

Certified Kripalu Teacher, certified Fitness Trainer and a Holistic Health Counselor