Exercise and Circulation

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11 Dec 2014

Everyone knows the many benefits of exercise for health.  You can lose weight by increasing your caloric output, increase your muscle mass to help keep your metabolic rate high by strength training, keep your heart healthy and increase your cardiac output by performing cardiovascular exercise, reduce your blood sugar by doing a combination of cardiovascular and strength exercises, and keep your bones healthy by strength training.


But did you ever think that exercise could have a positive effect on your circulation?  Many older adults who have diabetes also suffer from poor circulation especially in their feet.  Performing simple exercises each day can have a positive outcome.


Try some of these simple exercises to increase circulation in your feet:

  • Calf Raises-Sit in a chair with both feet and knees together.  Slowly lift your heals off the ground as high as you can and then lower your heals.  You can do this about 15-20 times a few times a day.  These can also be done by standing up, holding on to a chair and raising yourself onto your toes then lowering your heals back to the floor.
  • Ankle Circles-Sit in a chair or lie in bed and lift one leg up and make circles with your feet.  Go one way a few times, then change direction.  Do this a couple of times a day
  • Toe Curls-Curl your toes under then straighten them out.  Do this several times throughout the day
  • Walking-Many people with diabetes are not active.  It is vital for blood sugar levels and circulation that you move around.  Take a walk in the park or on a treadmill in a climate controlled gym if its too hot outside


The Melt Method is also a wonderful technique for increasing circulation in the hands and feet and helping reduce pain and inflammation in the body.  Melt is a simple, self treatment technique that uses very soft balls and soft rollers to restore natural balance to the body and relieves aches and pains.  A simple foot treatment can take as little as 10 minutes to do.


Carla DeSimone

Certified Personal Trainer

MELT Instructor

Certified Spin Instructor

Make a Pact For Life Instructor