The “Good” Vs. “Bad” Food Trap by Brown & Medina Nutrition

Posted in Blog by bporte
1 May 2015

You’ve heard it before, or you may even tell yourself that foods fall into one of two categories: good and bad. Not only is this mentality unhealthy, it can actually hinder your efforts to eat well.

Many people categorize food based on information shared by the media- where food and nutrition are usually misinterpreted. While it may feel simple enough to divide foods into categories: good and bad, nutrition just doesn’t work like that. Every single person has their own nutritional needs depending on factors such as genetics, gender, lifestyle, food preferences, food allergies, etc. For example, a teenage athlete will have completely different needs compared to a sedentary adult.

In addition, while most of the foods you eat should be health promoting and nutritious, food is and should be more than just fuel. Food is also for enjoyment and usually a focal point of celebrations, holidays, and gatherings with family and friends. Excessive restriction of  what you consider to be “bad” foods can create feelings of guilt and anxiety.  This not only may undermine your quality of life but for some people it can trigger a desire to over eat or binge eat those very foods they tell themselves they shouldn’t have.

Every food plays a role, and finding balance is key. What does balance look like? It’s a day filled with primarily nutritious foods in the right amounts for you, with room for your favorite cookie.  Knowing that there will be room for that favorite sweet tomorrow and for many days thereafter there’s no need to overeat.  The result is happiness and satisfaction rather than guilt and shame. Once you embrace a better relationship with food by changing the way you look at it, health and happiness will fall into place.

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