5 Point Summer Party Plan

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27 Jul 2016

1) This is dinner. Summer parties are typically buffets and spreads. Treat them like dinner, not an extended cocktail hour. That means making a plate and stick to it.
2) Choose your indulgence.Here’s the fun part: pick a splurge. Will it be alcohol, chips or dessert? Once you’ve locked it in, ignore the others.
3) Know your food personality. If you can’t have chips and dip (serving size is 3 tbsp) without going back for more, or you can’t sample one dessert without wanting to try all of them, don’t start.
4) Pick one meat. At a BBQ, you may want to try a little of everything. Choose one meat and make that your main course. Also, skipping protein—or saying you will—only leads to picking and grazing and eating more than they would have in the first place.
5) Plate all your food. After you’ve picked your meat, make half your plate vegetables and add a fist-sized portion of one side dish. When you’re done, you should still be able to see the color of the plate. On my ideal plate, I’ve got a kebab (lean, great portion control and fun to eat) with corn, tomato salad and slaw— room for a cookie for dessert!
BONUS TIP) Bring something good! Attending a deep-fried affair or gourmet gathering? Offer to bring something. My summer salads below have wow factor, and ensure that there’s something light and delicious on the table.
Watermelon + Feta + Mint
Peel and cube 1 half seedless watermelon, about 4 cups. Just before serving, toss with 1/2 cup of crumbled feta and 1/4 cup of chopped fresh mint.



Stephanie Middleberg, RD founder of Middleberg Nutrition a health and wellness practice in NYC.

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Still Energetic and Active at 94!

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30 May 2016

I continue to be in awe of my now 94 year old Uncle Harry who is still beyond energetic and maintains a very active and productive life. I thought our readers would appreciate the article below.

I salute my Uncle Major Harry Sandlaufer for his service to our country.


Today, at 94, Sandlaufer is still energetic and grateful for having had “a charmed life.” He goes to the gym and is still involved with the oil company he founded.



Bonita Porte

Founder of Energetic Seniors


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Holiday Healthy Tips:

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24 Dec 2015

Happy Holidays from Energetic Seniors!


While holding on try your balance (start with toes on the ground and then up to flamingo). When you are comfortable try and put less weight in your fingers.


As you all know sitting can be a whole bunch of work if you put in the effort. Try leg lifts and sitting forward supporting your own bodyweight.


And always remember to breathe! Holidays and fun can be a lot for everyone. Take your time and enjoy the moment.


By Candice Pell, Certified Trainer and Yoga Instructor

For more tips visit www.energeticseniors.com

For more information contact Bonita@energeticseniors.com or call 212-879-1566

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